About GigaScraper

About us - who we are, what we do

Our team works for customers around the globe - converting websites into data. Our founder is originally from Australia.

Our team have a strong background in website design, web application development, server management and security research.

GigaScraper is named after the word giga (which means billion) and references large scale data collection. We changed our name from www.DaaS.sh (which stands for Data as a Service) in Aug 2022.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: we offer data as a service - that is, we supply customers with the end result - data in CSV, JSON or a similar format. What we don't do is provide software - we don't promise a 'one size fits all' solution to web crawling. Website data extraction is a task with literally millions of variables, it is far simpler to write a bot that fits your requirements rather than attempt to offer software to cover all variables. This software would inevitably become a configuration nightmare.

This means zero configuration from your end: simply give us a job and we will supply you with the data.


Our customers privacy is often important - and we will always respect yours. You can contact us through our secure support ticket system to discuss any changing requirements, and to download your data securely. You can even pay with Bitcoin and a number of alternative crypto currencies.

More info

We can optionally go one step further from the raw data download and develop a web application or API for access. This API could be used to help your automation workflow - you can integrate your own applications and have access to updated data the instant it is available.

For more information please visit our FAQ page.

To get in touch contact us here.