GigaScraper Services

Our service is simple: we convert websites to structured data

Price Monitoring

Real time data feeds of pricing data from your competitors. Use this to make intelligent pricing decisions and more. Data supplied in a custom format and updated at a required interval. Develop better business strategies with pricing alerts from your competitors. Read more...

Artificial Intelligence

Many AI applications require data from the web. Obtain data through web scraping to feed to your machine learning program. Whether its eCommerce data, review data, calculating social media sentiment or anything else - almost all AI data sources can be obtained by web scraping.

Web Crawling

Crawl anywhere from thousands to millions of web pages effortlessly without the hassle of getting blocked, buying servers, managing proxies or solving captchas. We crawl the web for you, clean and verify data, and provide it in a structured format solving you valuable time.

Competitive Analysis & Price Monitoring Service

Monitor pricing, inventory levels, website updates and more to obtain intelligence on your competitors and make conclusive data driven decisions without the guesswork.

Get Started Pricing

In a world with so much data, running a business without data driven decisions will only hold you back.

By analyzing your competitors websites you are able to draw conclusive data driven decisions without the guesswork.

Picking data points, scraping a large enough sample size and organizing this into a simple spreadsheet is the place to start.

To ensure you find ongoing value and are able to react to various market conditions setting up a recurring data collection process will help you to ensure you are able to react to your competitors pricing updates intelligently.

Pick your data points, let us know your competitors, and we will provide you with the required data in a format of your choice - updating it as regularly as you need.